“That Was Then”

Some women never see their worth

Until they’re broken beyond repair

They never get to live the life created for them

Simply because their inability to let go of the pain holds them back

I never knew who to blame for that

Was it the man who put his hands where they didn’t belong

Was it the family who constantly put me in a competition that I didn’t desire to be in

I suppose it could have been the many friends

Who made a hobby out of wronging me

I suppose it could have been the many rumors

That were spread about me

Or should I blame the countless relationships that ended terribly

Or should I blame the situationship that ended with a miscarriage

“This Is Now”

Why is it that we find solace in being able to blame someone

We put in countless amounts of




Into finding someone to point the finger at

What is the benefit behind that

I couldn’t tell you

But I no longer have the desire to blame


I have the desire to forgive and to heal

You see

There is no one person to blame for an entire life of pain up until this moment

But there is one person who can grow from the pain

Into someone amazing

There is one person who can share life’s lessons with others who have faced the pain


Where pain ends

Happiness and growth begins