Happy New Year

First and foremost, I hope you all had an AMAZING time bringing in the new year. Now that I think about it, New Years might be my second favorite holiday after Halloween. It’s that “fresh start” feeling that gets to me every time. It’s like when you catch a whiff that your friends are throwing you a surprise birthday party yet, when you walk through the door and they scream, “SURPRISE!”, you still jump. I guess you can say that just because you know that something is coming doesn’t mean you know just how big the impact will be when it comes. That’s why I’m taking this time now to speak positivity, blessings, and peace into existence. While I may be able to talk them up, I want to be surprised by just how great they can be.




This year, I want to experience an abundance of positivity and convert it into a lifestyle. I’ve been getting better at seeing the best in all situations; good and bad. There’s always room for improvement though and I want to speak positive vibes into existence in a different aspect. Seeing the positive side in all situations is reactive and I’d rather be proactive from here on out. Allowing myself to think more positively and expecting positive things to happen will open the door to life happenings being that way from the start. I don’t expect life to be peachy keen but, I want to limit the negatives as much as possible. What better way to start eliminating the negativity than expecting nothing but, great things to happen?




I’ve gotten closer to God recently; rekindling and improving a relationship lost during triumph. While I may not attend church, I do maintain my relationship with Him in other ways; studying bible scriptures, allowing him to take control, manifesting the signs he sends me, thanking Him for all things, and asking for guidance in everything that I do. It’s deeper than just showing up to church every Sunday, hoping that no one will notice the one day that I don’t decide to show up. God is within me and I’d like to think of us as one entity. This year, I’m choosing to walk in my faith blindly, letting him take me where I need to go; providing hard work, patience, and understanding when we reach a disagreement. I’ve gone through too many trials and tribulations at this young of an age so, it’s time for me to start accepting nothing but, blessings.




My peace has become my first priority and I don’t feel the slightest bit selfish about it. I had to become a rock for myself in a world of people who only care about themselves. People will weigh you down; with their negative energy, with their drama, with their envy, etc. Guess what I’ve come to the realization of? I’m not obligated to deal with any of it. I’ve become so in tune with my inner self that a disruption of my peace and energy is grounds for dismissal. It is what it is. At the end of the day, you have to live life according to your own health and wellness because I can guarantee you that that’s what those same people who are disturbing your peace are doing. I’m adamant on living peacefully these days because our sanity is all we really have in this world. I refuse to let anyone take that away.


As we delve into the new year, some much needed lifestyle changes are underway. I’m going to be more focused on the intangible things that life has to offer. My minor setbacks have been setups for major comebacks and I got a glimpse of how good life can be last year; if I’m willing to welcome positivity, blessings, and peace into my life.


Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    1. Shaienna Monique

      Yes, I’ve noticed how finding my peace has led to a lot more accomplishments in my life. Sometimes, I need a break from trying to help others all the time and help myself.

      Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!


  1. Beshada

    YASSSS Shai! This is so good! Everything you said I am in line with as well right now. I am working on launching my blog soon and I decided to leave fear and doubt in 2018! I think for me the most difficult part is getting started, but thank you so much for this inspiration and motivation! Positive Vibes ONLY all 2019! Thank you!

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  2. The ME Project

    Having peace is so important. I realized that last year when my health got crazy that I needed to cut out everything that was causing me stress. At first, I felt bad because some of those things were people but I have not looked back because I have never felt better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shaienna Monique

      Yaass! Protect yourself by any means necessary. I did the same thing and at times I feel myself missing some people more than others but, they were holding me back and I couldn’t allow that to continue. My growth is more important than anything or anyone.

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