Solace in Spirituality

I strayed away from God for quite sometime a few years back. Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I found it hard to trust in God, let alone believe that He even existed. So much was going on in my life during that stretch that I always thought to myself, “what kind of God would continuously allow these things to happen to me?” It seemed like every time I took a step forward, I took a thousand steps back. Falling into a deep depression during my undergraduate years made believing in any sort of higher power seem like a fairy tale. You know what they say though, “a child who was raised on believing in the Lord will always find their way back,” That I did.

After graduating college, I had a lot of free-time. Working part-time at H&M didn’t seem to take up too much of my time and with my friends all still being in college, I needed to fill my down time. I got up one day and drove to Barne’s and Noble, hoping to find a good book to keep me occupied. Instead, I found myself browsing through the religion and spirituality section; I guess you can say God was trying to tell me something. I like to think of that something as “come back to me, you’ll need me sooner and more than you know.” I picked up a beautiful pink (my favorite color) Bible and started reading it as soon as I got home. It felt…refreshing, for lack of a better term. I felt at peace and I also felt something strange; like a piece of me had been missing and I was just finding it after so long.


Fast forward to now; as I’m traveling through my spiritual journey, I’m learning about who I am as a spiritual being. I stopped associating myself with religion some time ago. My logic being that society has put too much pressure on religion. People label themselves just to feel like they belong to a certain group, but their actions state otherwise. Being spiritual allows me to follow my own path and interpret things how I best see fit. See, why some people think of religion as one set of rules and values, I see spirituality as many of those things, depending on who you are and your personal relationship with God. I like to keep my relationship with the Lord private and sacred; the benefit being that I don’t have to answer to anyone about how I choose to worship.

The best thing about spirituality, in my opinion, is that I’m not tied down to believing just one set of beliefs. I choose to take beliefs from many different religions and form them into my own spiritual path. I believe in God being the creator of all things and Jesus being his son; sacrificed by crucifixion for our sins (Christianity). I believe that inner peace and enlightenment is the key to living a beautiful life (Buddhism). I believe in karma and the power of Chakras to guide me into becoming the best version of myself (Hinduism). At the end of the day, I package it all together and use prayer as a means of keeping me on the right path. There’s a benefit to spirituality and it’s the ability to believe in many things from many religions without losing sight of the ultimate path.

Within my spirituality, I find solace. I find comfort in knowing that I can lean on God when I need to. The Lord has become my best friend, my counselor, my number one support system and the one I can count on to fix things when nothing seems to be going right. I talk to Him in the same way that I talk to my friends. Since I’ve rekindled and remodeled my relationship with spirituality, I’ve seen my life change for the better. I couldn’t feel more blessed than I already am. At times it seems like I’ve hit my peak, but I know God’s love and blessings is everlasting and there’s always more for Him to give as long as I continue on my spiritual path positively.

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