5 Healthy Tips to Improve Your Skin

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from conducting skin care research, it’s that there’s much more to it than just having a skin care routine and using the right products. Even with my skin care routine that I shared with you all in Skin Care Done Simply, I have breakouts from outside circumstances. Figuring out those circumstances was a journey, but now I know how to keep my breakouts to a minimum aside from depending on just my skin care routine.

These circumstances that I’m going to share with you require a complete lifestyle change. It’s easier said than done, but very possible and rewarding once you make the changes. I keep in my mind that they’re for the best. Not only have these changes saved my skin, but they’re healthy changes for me physically and mentally as well. That makes it even more worthwhile. Here are my 5 tips to help improve your skin:

Tarn Ellis

1. Avoid caffeine – Coffee is my weakness and I love a nice, cold Coca-Cola to drink with my pizza on pizza nights. However, I noticed how badly my skin would break out whenever I drank any amount of caffeine or even ate chocolate. The breakouts happened almost instantly or over night. Once my acne flared up, it was hard to get it under control again. So, I’ve managed to change my amount of caffeine intake. I typically only drink decaf coffee, unless I’m completely sleep deprived and need to get through the day; that doesn’t happen often though. When it comes to pop, I’ve slowed down my intake to about one 12 oz. per month. Usually, my family has pizza night every weekend (Friday or Saturday) and I’ve been drinking water or beer with my pizza instead. Lastly, the only time I eat chocolate is when I eat ice cream (snicker’s flurry, chocolate chip cookie dough, etc.).

2. Avoid greasy foods – This is the hardest goal for me to accomplish. As I said before, pizza night is a regular occurrence and I’m a sucker for a good burger. Of course, they do cause a great amount of my breakouts so I’m learning to slowly limit the amount of greasy foods that I eat. I don’t eat out at fast food restaurants as much as I used to; a sacrifice that was difficult to make.

3. Drink more water – I never used to be one of those people who drank a ton of water. Finishing one bottle a day was hard enough to me growing up. It’s become so essential now, that I find myself drinking 3 to 4 bottles a day with no problem. It’s one of the easiest and most efficient ways to flush the toxins out of your body, the same toxins that build up in your pores; causing oily skin and whiteheads to become a problem.

4. Exercise more – Since getting pregnant and having a baby, I haven’t resumed my usual workout. Before then though, I had an amazing workout routine. How is this beneficial to good, healthy skin? Well, just like water flushes out toxins, so does sweat. Getting a good sweat going each day was helping me a lot regarding skin care and I can’t wait to start again.

Make it Yours

5. Remain as stress free as possible – If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that stress can cause the worst breakouts. Aside from mental and emotional health, that’s why I strive to stay as calm and positive as possible. The moment I get stressed about something, I can feel my skin starting to get oily and next thing you know, I look in the mirror to a breakout like I’ve never seen before. Being stressed isn’t worth losing all the hard work I put in towards having good, healthy skin.

I love the journey that I’m on towards having completely blemish free skin. As time progresses and I continue to make healthier choices, I see so much improvement and I can’t believe that it took me so long to begin. There’s so much more to healthy skin than just using products every day and night. Of course, there are healthy benefits to these lifestyle changes as well so you’re getting more health bang for your buck by doing so.

4 thoughts on “5 Healthy Tips to Improve Your Skin

    1. Yes! I’ve learned to incorporate positive energy into my life everyday, all day. I’ve gotten pretty good at it and it’s so essential to skin care. Stress causes so many physical problems and terrible skin is just one of the many.


    1. Yes! I definitely need to start back exercising. Maybe then I can start drinking regular coffee again. Between grad school, taking care of my baby and running a business, I could use the caffeine.


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