Different Sides of the Same Coin

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been occupying my free time with a good read; Different Sides of the Same Coin. As someone who is just really delving into the world of poetry, I loved every part of this collection of poems. If you haven’t heard of this book, it was written by co-authors, Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace, who just so happen to be sisters as well. What I loved most is that the poetry is real; it’s raw and uncensored. If you know me then you know that that’s what I’m all about, being vulnerable in a world where people fake who they are for the approval of society. The realness and rawness of these poems made them all relatable. However, it would take me forever and a day to go over every last poem; not to mention it’d be a complete spoiler. Instead, here are some of my favorites:

1. From the section titled We Are One, my favorite poem is Greatness. Greatness is about the reminiscence of a baby boy. If you read my post, Pregnancy, Delivery, and Coronavirus, then you know that I just gave birth to my beautiful baby boy back in April of 2020. Almost 6 months later and I’m still remembering that day like it was yesterday. Babies are truly a blessing and looking at my baby boy now, I’m just praying that God allows me to provide him with the best life one could ask for. I’m excited to watch him grow into a wonderful individual.

2. From the section titled Another Part of Me, my favorite poem is Refined Jewels. What I love most about this one is that it speaks about standing in our truth. It doesn’t matter if you’re broken, it doesn’t matter if you’re unhealed; as long as you stand in your truth and accept yourself for who you are in that current moment without judgement. This was me a few years ago and once I realized my flaws and my brokenness, that’s when I began my journey towards self-improvement. It starts here.


3. From the section titled You Should Be Mine, my favorite poem is Wish List. All the things that we can ever wish for, in every aspect of life, financial wealth, peace, a beautiful family, and a flourishing love life; it’s all achievable. The ironic thing about reading this poem, is that weeks before I bought this book, I started creating wish lists for all these same aspects of my life. What do I want to achieve in terms of my financial life? What kind of spouse do I want? What do I want my family life to look like as I create a family of my own?

4. From the section titled What’s Love Got to do With It, my favorite poems are Woman, Unfilled, and Waiting. These poems went hand in hand for me. It relates back to a previous post, Single and Patient. Yes, sometimes I feel unfilled when it comes to my love life, sometimes I get tired of being single, but being patient is going to make it all worthwhile. Finding the perfect person for me is going to feel like a dream come true after all the waiting. As of now, I’m just enjoying being the woman God has made me and becoming the woman that he wants me to be. By the time my soulmate comes along, I’ll be perfect in his image because I’ve used this time of being single to build myself up and let God perfect me.

5. From the section titled Untelevised Revolution, my favorite poem is Black Folks Tired of Singing “We Shall Overcome”. Growing up, the struggles of Black people were never really talked about in my home. I had a beautiful childhood growing up and because my parents always made sure I was protected, I never knew about the oppression of my fellow brothers and sisters. As I’ve gotten older and have become more knowledgeable and aware (woke, if you will), I’m seeing it all. Although I may not be a victim of the circumstances, I feel the pain, I feel the rage, I feel the sadness. We are becoming tired, we are becoming overwhelmed, and we’re getting smarter; finding better ways to fight back and change the system. We’re tired of singing “We Shall Overcome”, when in fact we should be singing “Fight the Power”.

I wish I could tell you all more about this book, but honestly, you just have to read it for yourself. It is truly an eye-opening experience and the poems are written in a way that can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the person reading them. Get it on Amazon for just $18! I promise, you won’t regret it and after you’ve read it, let’s talk about it down in the comments.

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