Mother to Aayan | Owner of Shai’s Closet LLC | Graduate Student

Hey there,

I’m Shai, a 20-something year old lifestyle blogger; currently living my life in Georgia. I’m originally from Muskegon, MI, a small town off of Lake Michigan. I ventured off to a bigger city (Grand Rapids, MI) as an undergraduate student coming straight out of high school. I enjoyed the big city life so much that I once I graduated, I decided to go even bigger and found myself living in Atlanta, GA. Since moving here, I’ve been on the road of pursuit towards my graduate degree. I also started a business and I’m now a first time mom!

While my Bachelor’s degree is in Criminal Justice, I found myself loving the field of youth therapy. I had a difficult time as a teenager; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As I interact with teenagers today, I see a lot of who I was in them. Hence, my change of career path with pursuing my Master’s degree in Social Work. My ultimate goal is to become a licensed youth therapist and start my own practice.

Shai’s Closet is my online boutique that I recently launched. Fashion is something that I’ve always found myself to be passionate about. So, I decided to start my own online boutique as my main source of income while going through my graduate program. As my company continues to grow, I pray for prosperity, more inclusiveness, and overall support from my customers.

Lastly, April 24, 2020, I became a first time mom to a beautiful baby boy who I named Aayan; which means “gift of God”. As I adjust to the life of not only a single mother, but a single Black mother, I’ve found a new me that I never knew existed. I’m embracing my new life and loving my new little addition. Having a child has changed the way I look at the world and I’ve found a new love that I also never new existed.

I’m excited to share my life’s journey with you all and I hope that you enjoy my journey as well. Blogging is my creative outlet where I can talk about my life’s daily happenings; from experiences to milestones to life lessons. As I share with you all, feel free to share with others, comment or even ask me questions. This is my open book; from me to you.

With much love,