Welcome to Life of Shai, my creative space where I’ll be sharing my journey through life’s discoveries.

I’m Shaienna but, as you now know, I go by Shai. I’m from Muskegon, MI; a small city just off the coast of Lake Michigan. After four years of living near a big city while in college, I made the decision to continue my big city life by moving to Atlanta, GA; where I currently reside.

My ultimate goal in life is to dedicate as much of my life as possible to helping others who are in need of a sense of direction in their lives. A big part of achieving this is by working with children and teenagers. Another part is by sharing my stories with others which is where my blog comes in.

Life of Shai is all about life’s journey and discovering the inner workings of one’s self. Each story deals with a different perspective of life. Rather that be lessons learned, experiences earned, or knowledge gained. It is my hope that through my stories, someone out there is able to start, continue, or finish their own journey.

Random Facts About Shai

  • I’m a Cancer
  • I have a coffee obsession
  • I love board games
  • Mint is my favorite color
  • I’m a dog lover