A Much Needed Hiatus

A Much Needed Hiatus

Welcome back to Life of Shai!

After moving to Georgia in 2018, I decided to take a break from my blog to adjust to my new life as well as figure out who this new me was. I spent plenty of time hanging out with friends, discovering everything that Atlanta has to offer, and doing some much needed self-improvement: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s been almost 2 years now and the growth is more than recognizable. There have been so many exciting changes in my life in all aspects and I’m fully prepared to share them with you all. If you’ve been a follower of mine since I began this blogging journey then, I’m excited to tell you that this is my last official revamping of Life of Shai. That being said, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to for the past year and a half.

Back to School

A year after settling in and working full-time at a youth mental health facility, I had finally found a career path that I was passionate about; clinical therapy. While the job that I had at the time was tough, I loved the therapy aspect of it; getting to know the youth, listening to their stories, and creating goals for them to accomplish in relation to their treatment plans. However, I wasn’t thrilled about my position as a hands-on staff, which led me to my decision to return to college to further my education. Realizing that I wanted to be a youth therapist, I started researching what steps I needed to take to get there. Thankfully I found out that it was best to get my Master’s degree in Social Work which is closely related to Criminal Justice (my Bachelor’s degree). A simple Google search for online programs led me to applying to Baylor University, where I’m now studying as a graduate student in the MSW program.

Assaulted on the Job

As I explained above, I wasn’t thrilled about being a hands-on staff at my job. After working there for an entire year, I was the victim of an assault by several of the residents, resulting in a concussion. During my leave of absence, I fought with myself mentally and emotionally about whether or not I would return. As upset and disappointed as I was, I loved those youth more than anything. For my own well-being and safety, I decided it was best for me to move on. Thankfully, I started my first graduate semester soon after and I was able to stay afloat financially with the assistance of Financial Aid refunds. So there I was, an unemployed student, which was so not the plan. Not only was I disappointed in the way it all played out, I was disappointed in the way that my leadership handled the assault. At that point, I realized that jobs will always see their employees as replaceable and I no longer wanted to be treated that way.

Creating Shai’s Closet LLC

Being an unemployed student provided me plenty of time to think about my life. I thought about what I wanted out of life and how I would get there. I thought about how I wanted to live in a luxury tiny home, how I wanted a fancier car, how I wanted a whole new wardrobe, and how I wanted to be able to pay my bills without checking my bank account. All of these thoughts brought me back to a time in Michigan where I attempted to start a clothing line: “Flawed2Perfection”, focusing on how we should embrace our flaws because we can be imperfectly perfect. Although I didn’t exactly go back to that initial idea, something about having a role in the fashion industry stuck with me. Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was a kid, but I quickly realized that fashion designing wasn’t my forte. Putting more thought into it, I came up with the idea of creating an online retail store for women. Thus came Shai’s Closet. With my refund check in hand, I was set financially to start investing my money into my business. I officially registered Shai’s Closet in August of 2019. Since then, I’ve been working diligently on setting up shop: sampling wholesale products, designing the business cards, setting up the business bank accounts, creating the website, and promoting the business little by little in preparation for the official launch; which is coming soon so stay tuned!

Welcoming a New Addition

September of 2019, I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure how to feel the moment the test showed 2 dark lines. I was nervous, excited, scared, and overwhelmed. Yes, I’ve always said that I wanted a big family but, I had planned for later on in the future. As time passed and I had my first ultrasound, I began to become more and more excited about it. I wanted to experience pregnancy in the most positive way and soon, meet the beautiful person who would be occupying my space for 9 months. When I found out I was having a boy, I was even happier; he was exactly what I wanted. April 24, 2020, my baby boy, Aayan, arrived 3 weeks early and since then, I’ve been adjusting to my new life as a mother. Having a child truly is a different form of love; a deeper love than one would experience just from being in a relationship. He has given me the motivation to keep pushing, no matter what. I’m determined to create a beautiful life for him and the many children that I plan to have in the future. It all starts right here, right now.

In Conclusion

I’m as happy as ever to be back. I’ve spent the last year and a half welcoming new experiences into my life and enjoying every second. I’m excelling in school, preparing to be a successful business owner, cherishing every moment with my baby boy, and most importantly, reflecting on every piece of me that needs improving. Sharing this journey with you all makes it that much better. This is just the beginning.